Landlords, do you want…

Better Tenants. Great Service. Fairer Fees.

RMNZ is passionate about property ownership. We look after your property like it’s our own. We focus on finding the right match for tenants and you, build a reliable rental history, and not to mention an unbeatable management fee.

Rachel Tong
Landlord Review
Dipak helped me swiftly find a tenant to my property within a few days of meeting him. Fast, efficient , did what he said he would do.

Nick Manolopoulos
Landlord Review
As a first-time landlord, I have found Spiro amazing to work with. Over the past few months, he has diligently looked after my property while being responsive to questions and maintenance requests.

Eric Lim
Landlord Review
I had a fantastic experience with Dipak and I can highly recommend. The detail in which he went to in regards to my property was amazing and greatly appreciated. Our experience with RMNZ just got lifted by Dipak.

Get your property managed first year flat fee of only $1,499 + GST

Why choose RMNZ?

We help hundreds of landlords find tenants faster & get better service, at half the price.

  • $1,499 + GST flat fee first year
  • Amazing customer service
  • High standard property maintenance
  • Fully Managed Service
  • No hidden fees
  • Qualified tenants

We are client obsessed!

One of the main reasons landlords come to us is because competition is one dimensional. Unlike us, because we know what it is like to own rental properties , we know how to negotiate maintenance costs, we know how and when to increase rents and most of all, we focus on bringing you the best results because it brings us best results

The main thing is you’re handing your property to someone who is not only going to maintain what you or others were doing, but we are going to do it better and allow you to focus on other areas of your life and business.

Being investors in our own right means we understand what bridging the gap between a tenant and a landlord requires

Property Listing

Utilising professional photography to showcase your property in it’s best light.

To attract high quality tenants we advertise on all locally available websites, social media avenues and using our own network of world standard individuals and associated companies.

Tenant Selection

We have a waiting list of pre-qualified tenants looking for rental properties.

We thoroughly review all prospective tenants using industry-leading background checks, landlord and employer checks, as well as social media and other screenings methods.

Rent and Finances

We collect the tenant’s rent weekly and employ strict procedures for non-payment.

We track rent payments, follow up on all missed payments within 48 hours, and take further action when necessary.